President's Message

A warm welcome to Gurjar Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalya, Devdhar

As the contemporary world is full of opportunities and challenges, today’s students are finding it increasingly arduous in making the right choices towards a better future and facing the tougher challenges in retaining the same.

We, at Gurjar Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalya, mentor the students and impart a learned thought process in them, so as to have better choices for their bright future, yet keeping intact high human values, rich culture and Indian tradition.We encourage students to take up different projects and competitions to make them vibrant, innovative and creative.

We aspire to provide our students such an environment which will broaden their knowledge horizon, deepen their insight, refine reactions and stimulates their thought process and feelings.

I humbly request all the parents to be a part of this endeavor and strengthen our hands to make the most important college years of your children at Gurjar Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalya a great success